FONDERIA GALLIATESE S.r.l. has more than sixty years experience in the sectors of casting and machining. During this time, we have consolidated our know-how in making special products for many varied mechanical applications. Today, FG is known as a reliable and valuable supplier not only on the Italian market, but also all over the world, namely in regard to products for the brick industry and port equipment. Constantly engaging in research and process optimisation, we are constantly improving our manufacturing skills in the area of no-wear materials and materials with outstanding corrosion-resistance characteristics. We continuously invest in R&D to offer advanced technological solutions, to increase productivity and improve the quality of our finished products. Thanks to our dynamic and well trained staff, our company has the flexibility necessary to be competitive on today's global markets.

Fonderia Galliatese Srl
Via Novara, 89 - 28066 Galliate (NO) Italy
Tel +39 0321 863250 - Fax +39.0321.865400