Our mechanical workshop is located about 2 Km from the headquarters. It covers 3500 sq m (over 2000 are buildings) and is equipped with modern NC machine tools. Several boring mills that can work details up to 3 mt dia., a slide lathe specially built to machine mill rolls up to 1.5 m dia. and 2 m in length, several machining centres and a boring machine of the latest generation are part of the machine pool of Fonderia Galliatese.

The Foundry

Our iron foundry covers a surface of 12,000 sq m (over 4500 are buildings) and is equipped with a 12t induction smelting furnace for a total production capacity exceeding 350 tons/month. It specialises in chill and flask castings weighing from 100 Kg to more than 12 tons each. It is equipped with flasks and web moulding systems and with a stress-annealing furnace with a capacity of more than 40 tons. A lab for spectrometric and metallographic analyses is available to check production and quality control testing.
The Chipping Shop

A department of Fonderia Galliatese is dedicated to cleaning the pieces. Shop equipment includes several chipping stations, grinding machines and pendulum saws together with a sandblasting system capable of treating details with sides longer than 1.5 m.

The Lab

Our lab is proud of its optical emission spectrometer for chemical ladle analyses and analyses of specimens after casting. A high-precision carbon detector and an electronic microscope for metallographic analyses are used for proofing the chemical and physical parameters of the melting baths in the iron foundry.
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