We specialise in wear-resistant material that is used in brick and ceramic industries.
Our production of harbour equipment is made from nodular cast iron with a high nickel content, or stainless steel.
Fonderia Galliatese specialises in Nodular Iron Castings, Engineering Iron Castings, Alloy Iron Castings and Wear-Resistant Iron Castings.
Fonderia Galliatese has been operating in the sector of iron castings for more than sixty years, acquiring a considerable experience in mechanical applications, wear-resistant materials and materials resistant to marine corrosion.
Production Unit
Total surface: 15,500 sq m
Roofed surface: 6,500 sq m
Output capacity: 350,000 Kg/month Castings manufactured: 100 to 12,000 Kg each.
Fonderia Galliatese Srl - P. IVA 00258410034
Via Novara, 89 - 28066 Galliate (NO) Italy
Tel +39 0321 863250 - Fax +39.0321.865400